lunes, 5 de marzo de 2007

Canciones para animar días lluviosos

Irish Eyes
Raindrops dripping on a glass roof
Leaves turning red and brown
As I enter the autumn of my years
(The autumn of my years are here)
I can take a good look around
(Take a good look around)
And I see everything that’s beautiful
Will still be here when I’m gone
But I don’t worry bout mortality
When you’re in my arms

And your Irish eyes have got me now
And I don’t know how
I could resist you anyhow
And your Irish eyes have got me now

Stormy rain on the west coast of Spain
Sea gulls taking flight
And I’m flying up there with them
And that’s where I’ll spend the night
Cause I don’t want to put my feet on the ground
I don’t want to take a step
I’m just a man whose fooling himself
With no regrets

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